"Reason why we chose old style."

Bluening Herts, CEO

The most big lure makers are using machines to optimize the production process in order to make it very cheap. But at the same time, they loose the passion and chance for ideas.

I believe machines could make achieve high productivity. But to me, it doesn’t make any passion.  At the beginning of my lure builder experience, I made a lot of mistakes. But always next day, I feel I could do better than yesterday of my work.  I love those feeling, it gave me more passion to make better products.  Sometimes, mistakes gave me unique ideas which I called those feeling “spark joy”.  I always want to feel spark joy!  That gives me so much energy as a lure builder.   From many customer feedbacks, I felt my products make lure fishing world more unique and fun!  That’s why we choose old way handmade.  Of course, it takes a lot of time for production.  But please check it out and have a look!  It’s boutique kind, very tough and art.  It definitely has function to fish by strong appeals.  Do you want to use a unique boutique lure?  Please enjoy and fish a lot with our handmade products. 

Thank you.
Best wishes,

Bluening Herts, CEO
Tetuo Ito

Japan brand

The Japan brand is only certified by the Japanese government to companies that make their products 100 percent in Japan, and it represents the best of Japanese high quality. All processes in the japan Handmade Lure Association’s brands, from planning and development to manufacturing are carried out in-house to achieve this high quality. It puts a great deal of hard work and effort into its products, and continues to provide unique, innovative and quality tackle for the world of lure fishing that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Japan brand

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Hybrid structure with superior action and strength
With a thick resin coating that surrounds a balsa core, our lures use a hybrid structure that can only come from the extensive know-how of Sea Falcon.
Due to the resin coating, the lure is not easily damaged when tuna or other large fish bite the lure. Therefore, unlike typical lures, the lure does not absorb water and become heavy, which slows the movement of the lure.
In addition, beginning at the design stage, we pursue the perfect balance for the balsa and weight. By adjusting the buoyancy, we have achieved extremely accurate lure control.
The Sea Falcon difference
Repeated testing to select only the best lures
Together with the appearance, the action of the lure is an important point.
This is also a strength of Sea Falcon, where we carry out all aspects of production, from planning to development and manufacturing, in-house.
Detailed finishing
For the surface treatment as well, Sea Falcon has extremely demanding standards. In order to produce the rich transparency and appearance of a small, lively fish,
We meticulously carry out the surface treatment by applying over 20 clear coatings and polishing each lure twice. In addition, we further enhance the appeal of our lures with aluminum or holographic applications.
We use our utmost efforts to pursue a precise action, good response, and beautiful film for Sea Falcon lures. In order to achieve all of these goals, we are continually improving our lures through many trials and errors.
It is because we are a small Japanese workshop that we are able to establish demanding standards with attention to detail and provide the highest quality lures to the world.


I grew up close to the ocean in Mie where I love so much. I always appreciate to that environment of the place that I could touch the ocean anytime when I want. I hang out with friends who can also feel the way I feel, and Tana Jig was born from my experience of playful spirit. 


What’s "Multi support Easy Hitting System" are adopted to YN Jig? It could be a system that variety of fish species are caught easily without choosing any users, I would like you to catch and enjoy easily from beginner of children to women! I have arrived with confidence and continue to develop improvements for many years as a captain.  Please choose YN Jig as your strong partner!